Sun & Ren, PLLC is a Manhattan-based Law firm dedicated to providing outstanding legal services to both companies and individuals. Our trust attorneys have a wide range of legal expertise, allowing us to help our clients with a variety of complicated cases. We strive to provide the highest quality legal services to our client in order to obtain the most favorable outcomes. We create a mutually beneficial and trustworthy relationship starting with the very first consultation by always protecting the rights and interests of those we serve. 

Sun & Ren, PLLC was formed with one goal in mind: using our expertise to solve your problem. Our attorneys have different culture backgrounds, culture diversity allows as to understand the importance of respecting our client culture differences. The diverse cultural background enhances our team's teamwork capabilities, and good teamwork continues to enhance our efficiency.  Our professional team of lawyers has stood firm over the years with a commitment that always put the needs of our clients first and provide our “first-class” service to each one of our clients. We take into account the needs of each client and tailor the best solution for each client.